A Managed Security Service Provider, or MSSP for short, is a company that provides specialized cybersecurity services for businesses. Instead of having to staff a full team of cybersecurity experts, and spend large sums of money on sophisticated tools, MSSPs make the investment upfront and can defend many companies at once from a central security operations center.
Put simply, yes. In today's world hackers and targeting anyone and everyone. If you are connected to the internet, you are at risk. Additionally, sophisticated tools are spreading online, which can turn anyone into a serious cyber threat.
Cyber criminals come in all shapes and sizes. From nation-state actors looking to perpetrate large scale attacks to neighborhood kids that are using publicly available tools, to political activists seeking to spread a message, almost anyone can attack your business.
Cybersecurity is a hard problem. As you might be able to tell from the headlines, big companies and even the federal government make big mistakes when it comes to cybersecurity. At Atlas, we have put together an amazing team of cybersecurity experts that have spent countless years defending the most sensitive data of companies and governments, and have now come together to help defend your business.
At Atlas, we want to help create a custom cybersecurity plan for your business. From technical controls like firewalls and endpoint protection, to proactive defensive services, to policy development and even cyber insurance consulting, we want to help you manage your cyber risk. We are totally Small and Midsized business focused, that means that we value all of our clients and will provide a top tier of service and support the is unparalleled among our competitors. Give us a call today to learn more!