Atlas Co-Founder’s Make Mid-Season Cybersecurity Guide for Superyachts

Friday, August 2nd, 2019 |

The superyacht industry has long been a leader in technical innovation, not only for the maritime world but for countless other industries as well. The unique set of challenges in providing the services needed in the middle of the ocean forced innovation and implementation of everything from telecom services, to audiovisual experiences, to cutting-edge IoT sensors and devices. The one technical aspect that has lagged innovation has been cybersecurity.. While the world has grappled with the ever-rising threat posed by cybercriminals, superyachts, due to their general lack of connectivity and highly specialized profile largely believed themselves squarely outside the sights of criminals. While this is not case, the industry has begun to change its perceptions – from new regulations from the International Maritime Organization (“IMO”), to updated insurance requirements, to an evolving ecosystem around security, it is clear that security will be a core feature of the superyacht industry. This article will look at the industry threat landscape and then turn to offer guidance on how to build a security program for a superyacht, considering both the procedural and technical elements required to ensure a robust and dynamic program.

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