Atlas Offers Guidance on New IMO Cybersecurity Regulations for Boats

Friday, May 17th, 2019 |

Superyacht cyber security: IMO regulations & cyber risk management

The co-founders of Atlas Cybersecurity give their guidance on the latest cyber security technologies…
For years technologists, futurists, and innovators alike focused their efforts on incorporating as much new and cutting-edge technology as possible into every nook and cranny of modern life. Superyachts, certainly, have not been immune from this trend. From AV and lighting to control systems and security, everything on a yacht is interconnected and networked. Adding to that complexity is a new level of connectivity, which means that a modern superyacht more closely resembles an enterprise-grade network, featuring a robust set of networking and IT technologies. These technologies ensure that a yacht is not only more immersive, bespoke, and effectively tailored to the needs and preferences of their owners and passengers, but safer, more reliable, more efficient, and less expensive to maintain. While the inner workings of a yacht regularly feature cutting edge technologies in a wide variety of implementations, cybersecurity has fallen by the wayside as the pace of adoption and innovation accelerate.
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